Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Holy Vin Rouge, Batman!

Forgive the silliness of the title, because this is one serious wine.

Susan and Towny, and their daughter Alex, came to Tucson at the end of July. With them, they brought - among other wines - this gem. I am sorry to inform you that this isn’t a wine you will be able to get in the United States, and it would be pretty hard to get it in France, too, unless you were to head to l’Abbaye de Lérins (on an island) and get a bottle yourself. That said, you just might want to do that. What are a few plane rides, a long drive, and a ferry ride when there is good wine...


It’s Christmas Day -- Our house is dressed for this hallowed occasion, the tree is cut and trimmed, gifts are wrapped, and stockings are filled. Phew! It was a race to the finish line this year. I was afraid I would run into Santa when we finally headed up to our

Musings of a Wine Maven

Lord Save Us, Martha Stewart is Selling Wine Again

Never a quitter, Martha has shaken off the debacle of her failed venture with Gallo a decade ago to come back at the unsuspecting wine consumer with a new wine marketing scheme. Unable then to successfully sell her Martha Stewart Vintage label at fifteen bucks a bottle, her name is now attached to a box of six of her favorite selections for $59.99, served up in a wine club framework. Hmmm, if a fifteen buck wine made for her by Gallo couldn’t sell, why then these ten buck finds (introductory price) from California, Spain, Italy and France?

There are at least two rosés from Provence, the region that has taken the U.S. by storm with its immensely popular pink wine
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