Red Wine

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

The Game of Chance

Once again, I think I was very lucky with this pairing. I was serving Persian-spiced Lamb Shanks to friends who drink only red wine. And only red wine from France. Picky, picky. (You can find the recipe at Cocoa & Lavender.)

We had just returned from three glorious weeks in Sicily (stay tuned for a post about Sicilian rosé!), and the wine rack - at least the rack of quotidian wines - was pretty bare. But there was this bottle of Vinsobres sitting there.

Whenever I see a Provence or Côtes du Rhône red, I tend to scoop it up. Naturally, for the pleasure of drinking, but also because I want to share my thoughts with you. This was the case with the Vinsobres. I was at the local upscale grocery and asked the wine guy, “What do you have from Provence or the southern Rhône region?”...

Vinisud + VinoVision in Paris Next Year

Having just wrapped up the 14th Vinisud—which took place from February 18th to 20th in Montpellier—plans were announced for 2019. Next year, Vinisud and VinoVision will join forces with VinoVision, the cool climate wine exhibition. The wine fair will take place from February 10th to 12th at the
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