Rosé Wine


When you work in a vineyard, you are intimately involved with nature. All year long, you tend to the vines—prepping soil, pruning vines, monitoring temps, worrying, trimming canopies, thinning the crop, waiting, watching, waiting—and then you finally harvest the grapes. If you send your grapes to a cooperative, you don’t know what happens to them. It feels unnatural, like something is missing. Such were the musings, translated and paraphrased by me, of Gabriel Giusiano, third generation vigneron at what is now called...

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

The Luck of the Draw

I’m a typical Virgo. I am very particular about things - from the color of my socks, to the route I drive to and from work. I would say that I am deliberate, especially when it comes to food and wine. I don’t do potlucks; I don’t believe there should be any “luck” in a meal, or with its accompanying...

Provence in a Can – Pure Inspiration

As craft beer brewers have demonstrated, cans are cool. Gone is their "dad's beer" reputation. Cans are environmentally friendly, cheap, provide superb protection, and can go where bottles dare not tread. And, because they offer more surface area than a bottle label, cans provide an artist's pallet for creative...

Thank God It’s Roséday Friday

I found myself in St. Tropez this week at the elegant Château de la Messardière, a five-star hotel overlooking the bay of Pampelonne. There, I attended an official press conference on the inauguration of International Rosé Day, brainchild of...
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