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Our audience is passionate about the food, wine, travel and culture of Provence…but especially the wine!

P8269926Provence WineZine mostly focuses on the wine regions of Provence and the Southern Rhone Valley wine region.  In other words, our winezine may be described as covering any wine that is produced within the administrative region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA).  Our site provides readers with academic information about understanding the French wine quality classification system, the wine regions and the appellations and denominations within each wine region.  We hope to be recognized by our readers as the premier destination for education, domain expertise, and the current events that are shaping the future of the exciting Provence wine region.

Provence WineZine extends beyond mere tasting notes to capture the stories of the men and women who make the wine today and the generations of wine makers that preceded them.  We seek to inspire our readers to explore and discover the wines of Provence that, until recently, have been long under the shadow of the better known French regions of Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne.

Provence WineZine appeals to readers that may be planning a wine-tasting route through Provence, organizing a wine-tasting at home, or simply wishing to find “a perfect rosé” to accompany a meal.

Who may be interested in advertising with us?

  • Retailers of wine and wine accessories seeking to reach a defined audience that is “passionate” about wine and/or the wines of Provence!
  • Hospitality and transportation companies that seeking to reach an audience that regularly travels to Provence or may be in the travel planning stage for their first trip!
  • Anyone trying to reach wine enthusiasts that are seeking to expand their knowledge and interest in the wines of Provence!


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