Provence WineZine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProvence WineZine reports on all colors of wine from the regions of Provence and the Southern Rhone Valley wine region (where the Côtes du Luberon lies as well as other appellations that produce some of my favorite wines).   In others words, any wine that is produced in the administrative region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) is a prospective subject.   I write about wine production, the history of the estate where the wine is made, and, perhaps because of the psychologist in me, I particularly love capturing the stories of the men and women who make the wine, including the generations of wine makers that preceded them.

Our snoops are always beating the grapevines for news that you might not get elsewhere.  We share our tasting notes, based on our well-honed but uncertified palates, and suggest foods that would pair nicely with each wine—and we want to post your tasting notes!  Finally, we cover academic information about French Wine regions and the appellations and denominations within the wine regions, the French wine quality classification system, practical details like planning a wine-tasting route through Provence, organizing a wine-tasting at home, and confusing stuff like “Where is Provence, anyway?”

Provence WineZine covers news and information related to wines produced in the wine regions of Provence and the southern part of the Rhône Valley wine region.  Map by W.T. Manfull