Château de Peyrassol Clos de Peyrassol Rosé (2015)


A very pale pink rosé.  It has an alluring nose of red fruit that segues into a creamy feel on the palate with more subtle red flavors.  Elegant finish that slides into perfect place, compelling one to have another sip.  A very harmonious and delicate rosé that is perfect on its own or accompanied by seafood, especially white fish.

Wine Details

Region Provence
Appellation Côtes de Provence
Producer Château de Peyrassol
Cuvée Clos de Peyrassol
Vintage 2015
Color Rosé
Varietal Grenache, Tibouren, Rolle (Vermentino)
Country France
Pairs with Scallops, White Fish
Average Bottle Price 30.00
Date of Notes 02/10/2017


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Bill Manfull
Susan Manfull

A most intriguing Rosé

This hard-to-find rosé is worth a trip to the estate to pick up. A complex rosé that is all about finesse and subtleties. A real treat!

4 years ago

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