Provence Wines

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Rough and Ready

Sometimes you want it rough. You’re not in the mood for refined and elegant, or complex and silky. You might be serving a mixed grill, or even just a simple steak. You want a good, solid, edgy wine.

That was the case for this month’s wine, Instinct, from Domaine Pey Blanc. I was having a mixed grill - which included a porcini-rubbed steak - and wanted a dark, brooding wine to go with it. For the steak recipe and how I put together a mixed grill, head over to Cocoa & Lavender.

The color of Instinct is a deep, ruby red, and dense enough that it seemed impenetrable to light. This bode well for our meal. Before even serving the steak at the table - meaning that my sniffer wasn’t being...

Provence in a Can – Pure Inspiration

As craft beer brewers have demonstrated, cans are cool. Gone is their "dad's beer" reputation. Cans are environmentally friendly, cheap, provide superb protection, and can go where bottles dare not tread. And, because they offer more surface area than a bottle label, cans provide an artist's pallet for creative...
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