Red Wine

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Holy Vin Rouge, Batman!

Forgive the silliness of the title, because this is one serious wine.

Susan and Towny, and their daughter Alex, came to Tucson at the end of July. With them, they brought - among other wines - this gem. I am sorry to inform you that this isn’t a wine you will be able to get in the United States, and it would be pretty hard to get it in France, too, unless you were to head to l’Abbaye de Lérins (on an island) and get a bottle yourself. That said, you just might want to do that. What are a few plane rides, a long drive, and a ferry ride when there is good wine...

Vinisud + VinoVision in Paris Next Year

Having just wrapped up the 14th Vinisud—which took place from February 18th to 20th in Montpellier—plans were announced for 2019. Next year, Vinisud and VinoVision will join forces with VinoVision, the cool climate wine exhibition. The wine fair will take place from February 10th to 12th at the
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