Whispering Angel

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Angels at My Table

When in the company of angels, you had better plan a decent meal. Right?

Whispering Angel and Rock Angel are the first two of four wines from Château d’Esclans. The next two up the ladder are Les Clans and Garrus. While I have yet to taste either of these latter two, I am excited to have a bottle of Garrus aging nicely and awaiting a special occasion... perhaps my 60th birthday later this year?

Taking advice from those who know (and you know who they are) I served the Caves d’Esclans Whispering Angel as the wine of choice for apéritifs. I offered my guests some almonds and goat cheese tartlets flavored with mushrooms, shallots, and brandy. Stay tuned for this recipe on Cocoa & Lavender.

For our main course, paired with the Château d’Esclans Rock Angel, I opted for the simple and elegant Boullettes de Poisson à la Marseillaise. The recipe for the Boullettes is on


When the invitation for dinner with Sacha Lichine popped up on my screen, I couldn’t help but think of my grandfather.

Just above my desk, wedged into the middle of a crowded shelf, stands a faded purple book entitled “Wines of France.” The book belonged to my grandfather and the author was Alexis Lichine, Sacha’s father, otherwise known as “the Pope of Wine.”
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