Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

On the Marc

by David Scott Allen

Winery: Domaines Ott
Cuvée: Château de Selle
Appellation: Côtes de Provence
Type: Vieux Marc de Rosé
Vintage: 2014, aged in oak barrels for 10 years
Alcohol: 52%
Average Retail Price: FR €44.50

Unless you are headed to France, or know someone who brought back a bottle (that was my method!), you probably won’t be sipping Domaines Ott’s Vieux Marc Rosé. Sadly, it is not imported to the United States!

I paired this vieux marc, made from the skins of grapes used to make rosé, with a really old-fashioned dessert: Crêpes Suzette. Although my recipe is toned down in its buttery sweetness, it still requires something special for pairing.

I could have paired the crêpes with the same cognac I used in the recipe, which would have been lovely, but I wanted something bolder – something to feed the faded flames of the crêpes, something that would stand on its own. I chose the Domaines Ott’s Vieux Marc for its earthy vanilla and caramel overtones; it paired beautifully with the citrusy caramelized sauce the dessert has when flambéed. I cannot wait for my next trip to Provence to get my own bottle; this vieux marc is one very special spirit.

If you wanted to find something similar for pairing with the Crêpes Suzette, I recommend you visit your local wine store and search for an eau de vie (or its Italian cousin, grappa). Another pairing I like, but which is rather unusual, is a single malt Scotch; Laphroaig would be my choice.

For my Crêpes Suzette recipe, please visit Cocoa & Lavender.

To see more about Domaines Ott’s Vieux Marc Rosé, click HERE.


  1. I had crêpes Suzette for the second time in as many weeks, here in Provence. They were excellent but not nearly as good as David’s. (I am not exaggerating or falsely flattering David to ensure he keeps writing his column…I loved David’s for exactly the same reasons he altered his original recipe–to make them a little less sweet and not drowning in butter, as they often are. La louche au Beurre, in Lourmarin is great when David isn’t visiting, though! And I hasten to add that the Domaine Ott Marc was a terrific match!

  2. These look so good! If I can’t find the Marc, I will make the crepes and enjoy with nice cognac. Thanks for sharing!

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