Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Vin with Versatility

You know, from reading my posts, that I truly enjoy when a pairing is so perfect that it brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes, though, I find that there are wines that have no one perfect pairing, but have a versatility to go with many foods.

Today’s wine is such a wine. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn... a knockout in a Givenchy gown, yet stunningly elegant in Capri pants, a cashmere shell and pearls.

Bandols, in general, are wines that can take on the quotidian burger...

TV5Monde produces new documentary: Rosé, La Revolution du Palais

Have you seen Rosé, La Revolution du Palais, a TV5Monde documentary about the explosive growth of rosé? If not, we at Provence WineZine have got your back.

TV5Monde (pronounced, in French: ‘te ve sɛ̃k mɔ̃d’), previously known as TV5, is a world-wide television network that provides several channels of French television. ("Monde" means "world" in French.) Available through most cable and...


There are still people out there who think that rosé comes from blending red and white wines and others who (seriously) think rosé is made from a single grape variety called rosé. This article focuses on the traditionally dry, fresh, fruit-forward, pale-colored rosés


Last May, I had the great pleasure of attending the biannual “Tasting Supper” at Blantyre, the luxurious Tudor-style manor tucked into 117 forested acres of the Berkshires, in Lenox, Massachusetts. Part of the posh Relais & Châteaux collection of luxury properties, it’s not surprising that our seven-course meal was exquisite in every way. (Proprietor Ann Fitzpatrick Brown would not have it any other way.) It is etched into my memory for the beautifully prepared