Château Léoube


It’s a sobering thought that Wine Paris was the last major international wine trade event in 2020. Over two months ago. Virtually every producer with whom I spoke said that the next stop was to be Prowein, scheduled annually for mid-March in Düsseldorf, Germany.  It’s the world’s largest wine trade fair and attendance is basically obligatory for producers of a certain size. So, it was a real blow to the wine industry when Prowein was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns.

The cancellation of AIR PROVENCE, the new and highly anticipated wine salon for the Côtes de Provence appellation that was scheduled for April 6th and 7th, was a real disappointment for Provence rosé producers (as well as buyers and wine writers). Although nowhere near as large or as all-encompassing as Wine Paris or Prowein, this was a huge loss for rosé producers – which make 90% of the wine in this appellation.  I hasten to remind the reader that there is but a slim window in which to market rosé since the most recent vintage is typically perceived (accurately or not) to be the...

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

I’m No Fool!

When I saw a bottle of Château Léoube's "Rosé de Léoube" on sale, I bought it. I'm no fool. Yes, it's a little more expensive than our usual wine purchases, but I have heard from many people how good it is, and I wanted to know firsthand. Let me start by saying that I wish I had bought out their inventory! (So maybe I was a fool after all...?)

The first thing I did after getting the bottle was send a quick note to my Instagram friend Jérôme Pernot - a.k.a. Mr. Léoube - and asked him what he recommended serving with his wine. His suggestion? Roasted chicken



In August of last year, Château Léoube’s Secret de Léoube was given a shout by Drinks Magazine, having placed in the gold medal tier of their 2014 Global Rosé Masters wine tasting competition with such local Provence favorites as Château d’Esclans and Mirabeau en Provence. Embarrassingly enough, having lived only an hour away for years, I had been blissfully ignorant of this domain. As Provence


It's been a long hot summer, at least where I've been hanging my hat. I was in Provence for the hottest July on record, returned to New England where heat and humidity dominated many summer days, ditto for my visits to New York--in August what else would I expect?-- and

Out Out Damn Rosé

Red wine grabbed the spotlight from their much-lauded rosés at Château Léoube's recent portes ouvertes on the Cap Bénat peninsula in Bormes-les-Mimosas. The star of the show was the first official vintage of Léoube Collector, a single varietal Cabernet Franc, a first of its kind