Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

Love is in the Air

by David Scott Allen

Winery: Château Léoube
Cuvée: Love
Appellation: Côtes de Provence
Type: Rosé
Vintage: 2019
Grape Varieties: Grenache 35%, Cinsault 35%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%
Alcohol: 13%
Average Retail Price: U.S. $21, FR €14, UK £14

Love is in the Air… and in my glass. It’s D’lovely!

This month, we continue our salute to 2019 rosé wines — a summer-long celebration of our mutual love of all (or most all) wines pink. Especially those from our beloved Provence.

Love, by Château Léoube, a certified organic rosé, is a truly enjoyable, perfect summer quaff. With all the difficulties in our world these days, it’s so nice to have something pleasant and fun, like food and wine that sing together. You see, it’s This Crazy Little Thing Called Love. (Please enjoy — or excuse — all the love song references this month!)

As with their other cuvées, the bottle for Love (updated design this year) is beautiful. The elegant white script compliments the beautiful, pale pink wine within.

Even well chilled, refreshing notes of strawberry and citrus were clear. On the palate the strawberry and citrus (lemon) were present with the addition of ripe yellow peach. The wine is crisp with a bright acidity, balanced with a soft mouth feel.

I created a smoked salmon (cold smoked), chèvre, and lemon risotto to pair with the wine. If you would like the recipe, please visit my blog, Cocoa & Lavender. Each element of the risotto paired perfectly with the wine — the slightly smoky salmon brought out the fruit, and the lemon underscored the citrus, as did the slightly tangy artisanal chèvre from one of my local farms.

The Beatles had it all wrong. It turns out that you Can Buy Me Love. At this price point, love is very reasonable.

I don’t want to understate the quality of the wine with all these Silly Little Love Songs. On the contrary, it just made me smile when I sipped it — it’s fresh, bright, and delightful. I think it’s fair to say I think This Guy’s in Love with You.


  1. I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love LOVE Rosé!!! I can just imagine the flavors of lemon and Smokey salmon and the creamy texture of risotto dancing in my mouth! (While listening to these great love songs, of course!).
    Thank you David for this beautiful pairing!

  2. This article was so fun to read and hear! It just makes you want to sip a glass of LOVE Rosé! I’m still drinking the 2018 and it is tasting fabulous! That’s the difference between a quality organic Rosé and a “drink now” Rosé. Provence Rosés are by far the best in the world! Thank you Susan for this wonderful article! Thank you David for the lovely pairing!

  3. From the intro by Susan I decided to “🎤Sit back, relax. Take a little ride on the 🏍motorbike”🎵 and allow myself to remember that 🎼Magic moment so different and so new🎶 when Susan invited Mary and I to accompany her on my first visit to Chateau Léoube late last summer. The warmth of a late summer day. It was LOVE at first sight as I breathed deeply taking in the breeze off the Mediterranean, the beauty of the lush vineyard dotted with the people who return each year to harvest the grapes bursting forth from the vines in what is the most meticulously kept vineyard i have ever had the pleasure of visiting. As a life long Californian I’ve visited a number of vineyards and many wineries. “This magic moment so different and so new” witnessing harvest from the vineyard level and learning about the layers of their multifaceted, sustainable growing philosophy, a fabulous tasting followed by a delectable lunch on the shore at Cafe Léoube as the music of the sea played its shimmering notes audibly and visibly as we languished made for memories never be forgotten.

    • What lovely memories, Patti! Someday I hope to visit Château Léoube in person, but — for now — the “magic moment” for me will be in a glass of any of Léoube’s fine rosés! Glad you enjoyed the post and my tour of love songs.

  4. We must try both Love and your risotto … and perhaps a few new tunes too. Thanks for whetting our appetite!
    Love, Heidi

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