Wine Snoop Report

BYOWA in the Hamptons

Woe is the bon vivant who looks forward to a tipple of rosé this weekend in the Hamptons. Yesterday, the New York Post sounded the alarm with their headline, “Rosé running dangerously low in the Hamptons.” Whispering Angel the perennial favorite of the

No more Aureto Tramontane (2011) in la cave

Shortly after this IGP Vaucluse red wine received a “Commended” nod from the 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards—adding to its other awards—Cave Aureto’s bins are bare, as of the first week in August. (We have thoroughly enjoyed the 2010 cuvée on

To be or not to be AOP

At the same time as Provence's AOP wines are receiving much attention and accolades, there appears to be a new vanguard of Vins de Pays and Vins de France (formerly Vins de Table) on the scene. On recent visits to some of Provence’s most esteemed

Dancing in the vines of Pierrefeu

Much cause for celebration at Château Montaud last week as their long anticipated 2013 AOP Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu hit the shelves. This new offering from owner and winemaker Frédéric Ravel represents eleven years of perseverance, as president of the region's

Grape news from Le Clos de Caveau

Up in Vaqueyras, Henri Bungener, proprietor of Le Clos de Caveau, reported that the vineyard is back on track for the usual mid-September harvest. The warm spring, a harbinger of a slightly earlier harvest, was offset by a cool July.

Lots of good wine in little Cotignac

ots of wine news in the little village of Cotignac, in the heart of the Var. Rosé country, this is. Les Vignerons de Cotignac, the local cooperative dating back to 1967, is currently undergoing a complete transition to organic agricultural and winemaking practices. A cuvée called Douceur

Sparkling rosé from Côtes de Provence

Over in Côtes de Provence, the snoops are hearing buzz about a movement to create a new denomination focusing on “sparkling rosés” from Côtes de Provence. The method of fermentation differs from that that is used in Champagne. There’s growing
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