Wine Enthusiast Taps Three Rosés in TOP 100 BEST WINE VALUES OF 2017

by Jerry Clark

We have wine at every evening meal.  So, I am always on the hunt for a good-value table wine that does not break the bank to keep in stock.  I routinely pour through certain publications looking for new wines for that purpose. 

At Wine Enthusiast, the wines that have achieved particular merit in each issue carry an “Editor’s Choice,” “Cellar Collection” or “Best Buy” tagline. In the last group are wines “generally priced at $15 or less, and are designated ‘Best Buys’ after surpassing a specific quality-to-price ratio benchmark.” As we each have our own benchmark, I am not concerned enough to drill down on the definition of theirs so I can offer no insight there. And in my lowest-cost search category, the price bar is set at $10. Nonetheless, it’s always interesting to see what is getting attention in the press.

I was somewhat taken aback when I went through my November issue of Wine Enthusiast to see they had listed three rosés in their culling of the top 100 of the more than 1,450 “Best Buy” selections reviewed throughout the year. And one, a Tavel, came in at number three. Here are the specifics on the three, as provided by Wine Enthusiast:

Rank: 3  –  2016 Domaine des Carteresses Tavel (taster’s rating 93/100)

Rank: 28 – 2016 L’Ostal Cazes Rosé Pays d’Oc (taster’s rating 90/100)

Rank: 90 –  2016 Kirkland Signature Rosé Côtes de Provence (taster’s rating 88/100)

I find it especially noteworthy that the ’93’ rating given to Domaine des Carteresses is the highest score of the 100 wines selected, putting it alone at the pinnacle.

The timing of this best 100 group is to provide the magazine’s readership with a shopping list of holiday wines for consideration, and to encourage readers  “to stop buying wine by the bottle – and start buying wine by the case.” The fact that three rosés are included for winter season wine hunting says that Wine Enthusiast clearly has its finger on the pulse of an all-season enjoyment of rosé, an emerging trend that many wine merchants have yet to recognize. Perhaps the sun and beach imagery associated with rosé will to exit the scene. If it does, the producers will have to deal with filling a year-round demand, and that will be no small feat.


  1. I love rose but have been a bit skiddish to try roses under $15 as I have had some less-than-ideal experiences. I do however look forward to trying all three of the above. Thanks so much.

  2. I know where you are coming from. Most of what I have seen that appeals is in the $17 to $23 zone. I would like to lay some down to see how they develop, but think that is only safest to do with Bandol’s, and they don’t exist in that price range.

  3. Very interesting, wine snoop. Did some snooping on your snooping. The Kirkland Signature Rosé Côtes de Provence is made by Domaine de la Croix down on the St. Tropez Peninsula in La Croix-Valmer. Have had their rosés before – very nice. Sounds as though this blend is very similar to their Cuvée Irrésistible (and the bottle too) though with slight differences. Would be fun to do a side by side.

  4. Leap-froging your snoop I have tried to source the Kirkland Signature Rosé somewhere close to home. The nearest Wine-Searcher came up with is Mexico City! Amazon was even less helpful, but I now know that a 10 pound sack of Kirkland Signature Organic Sugar is only 18 bucks. Guess my tasting on this will have to await a visit to Provence next summer.

  5. It’s a private label wine made for Costco. Get your membership card Jerry!

  6. Now that will never happen. I do the food shopping every day, just as if we were still living in France. I wonder about Domaine de la Croix supplying Costco, as I suspect it is more than their vineyard can produce. They must be delighted with the volume, though its likely Costco has squeezed them hard on the price.

  7. I’m not there in US of A but have heard chatter in the oufield re Costco’s wines. And it’s good. Snoop?

  8. Well, I guess they sell a ton of wine. I will never see it first hand though, as Benedicte is about as likely to join Costco as she is to take a cruise on what she terms floating hotels.

  9. Hi Pam and Jerry,
    Great sleuthing Pam on the provenance of the Kirkland rosé. Jerry, did you know that in certain states one does not need to be a member of Costco to buy wine and liquor? Read here… If you live near CA, MA or CT, you are in luck! My concern is that “Kirkland” is a Costco private label brand and therefore there is no guarantee that Domaine de la Croix will get the contract again. Best bet is to buy up all the 2016 Kirkland Rosé that you can find!

    • Interesting article, Peter. Who knew? (Well, other than the tens of thousands who made Costco the largest US wine retailer.)

    • Peter,
      Many thanks for that bit of info on Costco. Had no idea, but clever move on their part.
      I believe you are making the best point in noting that when they change sources the buyer may never know.

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