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The last (rather tame)  portion of the road to Domaine Saint Andrieu.  Photo by Susan Manfull
September 20, 2016 0


Deep in the heart of the Var, north of Brignoles, and a wee bit past the tiny predominantly organic village of Correns, there is a long and winding road just off the Grand Rue (also called the D45). Soon after making that turn, on to Le Collet de Recoux, that narrow but paved road abruptly ends, depositing the driver and her passengers on a slightly wider road, but one riddled with pot holes rivaling those of New England roads after a particularly harsh winter, and covered with loose rocks of limestone the size of those used to pave the Via Domitia. A year ago, when I first made this excursion, I recall regretting that I’d opted for a mid-sized Peugeot sedan rather a slightly more expensive quatre-quatre and fervently praying my radiator would remain intact. But, casting myself as the ever-intrepid reporter, I said to myself, "let the adventure begin," and forged ahead, bouncing, swerving, and weaving to the top.

Once there, I was rewarded with Domaine Saint Andrieu, a glorious sight, some 380 meters high, at the base of the majestic Grand Bessillon. It was a visit well worth the trepidation I confess to experiencing midway up; but like having a baby, I quickly forgot the road and, in fact, made the trip again just a couple of weeks ago (in another mid-sized rental car). Nothing had changed [...]

    Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

    esprit gassier
    September 3, 2016 8

    Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food You Can Tell a Wine by Its Label

    When searching for a Provençal rosé to pair with this week's recipe - Cambozola and Fig Flatbread - I have to admit that I chose the wine for its label. I know several wine enthusiasts who swear they never choose a wine this way, but I don't believe them. Not completely, anyway. I think even they would be beguiled by this [...]

    Musings and Memories of a Wine Maven: Notes Too Long for the Cellar Book

    Mike_Dater_Dancing 1
    August 12, 2016 24

    Musings of a Wine Maven


    Raise your hand if you immediately recognize this title as coming from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand “Rate a Record” segment. Hmm, not as many hands went up as I thought would. Perhaps, readers of this blog were busy watching Julia Child’s The French Chef or Graham Kerr on The Galloping Gourmet or, as I think about it, perhaps many readers were not yet born. Dick Clark’s legendary TV show, on the air from 1952 to 1989, showcased at least one band and played the Top 40’s songs to which gaggles of teenagers danced the hour away.

    I am reminded of Dick Clark as I walk down the overstocked aisles in wine superstores these days and note the liberal use of “shelf talkers,” touting this wine and that wine [...]


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