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January 7, 2017 10

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food When in Paris…

Mark and I spent the week of Christmas in Paris. We found a really beautiful one-bedroom flat in our favorite neighborhood - the Marais.

This pairing was a really lucky guess on my part. I had already chosen the menu for the Christmas dinner we would be having and had shopped for the ingredients at the contiguous Marché Beauvau and Marché d'Aligré - markets I highly recommend!

I popped into a wine store about 50 paces from our apartment to choose a wine and asked what wines they had from Provence; aside from a nice collection of rosés, they had only four - two red, two white. I chose one of each and was on my way. [...]

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

December 3, 2016 10

Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

An Old Friend I Had Never Met

I must tell you that I have never tasted a wine like this before, and yet there is something so familiar in every sip. It's akin to meeting someone for the first time, yet feeling in your heart that you have known her or him all your life. It's a sense of immediate warmth and comfort. That is how this wine made me feel. Having enjoyed many dessert wines, from the sublime (Château d'Yquem Sauternes) to the ridiculous (no one shall be excoriated here), this wine stands apart - my new-old friend. I truly love it! [...]

Musings and Memories of a Wine Maven: Notes Too Long for the Cellar Book

January 2, 2017 32

Musings of a Wine Maven


Having a passion for wine is wonderful. Yet if people think this appreciation has turned you into some kind of vinous savant, then beware. As I write the story of my recent experience that led to this caveat, I am reminded of a scenario from an old Hollywood western—I am a longtime movie buff—in which some folks envision you as the fastest gun around the OK Corral, and they would love nothing better than to outdraw you.

I had such a “quick draw” moment earlier this fall in Bordeaux. It was totally unexpected, as it came in the very agreeable environment [...]


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